Official Book Launch | The Twig and the Three-Legged Pig

Is there something magical in the forest? It’s a talking twig!

Luckily, a naughty bird, a scared bunny and a busy bee stop by the twig’s puddle to listen… or have they?

What will happen when a three-legged pig stumbles upon the magical twig?

And when the three-legged pig asks the twig for something entirely unexpected, will the twig be able to grant the three-legged pig his heart-warming wish?

Jam-packed full of colourful illustrations and wondrous magic, THE TWIG AND THE THREE-LEGGED PIG will have children talking about what makes us all special and what it takes to help someone when they fall.

Get your copy of THE TWIG AND THE THREE-LEGGED PIG now on Amazon.

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