Children’s Book | Little Boy, Hungry Dragon

In this humourous and warm-hearted picture book, LITTLE BOY, HUNGRY DRAGON explores unbreakable bonds and forged relationships through the recollection of memories of a little boy.  

It is almost an examination into the power of friendship and all it has to offer us.

The premise of this tale is that The Hungry Dragon wants to eat something nice and round. And the little boy shows The Hungry Dragon all the nice things and round things around him.

Packed with oodles of visual humour and great comedic timing, the audience is treated to some hilarious moments when the Hungry Dragon eats potted flowers, a tire swing… and even the full moon!

On this journey of insight and discovery, readers are encouraged to explore the evolving nature of blooming friendships in a playful and humorous light.

The pacing and visual humour is extraordinary, which will delight audiences of all ages. LITTLE BOY, HUNGRY DRAGON should be shared far and wide, particularly with the next generation, to encourage wit, humour and the importance of communication.

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