I am an Australian children’s book writer and illustrator.

My children’s stories occupy a space in the ever-changing relationship between observation and perception as well as the patterns I see in my own childhood experiences.

In my more detailed illustrations, I am attempting to capture moments of formative childhood experiences and observing them with a wild imagination. I am especially fascinated by stories with unpredictable endings.

With the aim to create multilayered stories and characters infused with depth and feeling, hopefully other children, parents and educators will be able to connect with these poetic journeys. They are an emotive expression of a series of connected characters tangled in memory, time and in real and fantastical events.

I hope one day my children’s books will be unlike any other on the market.

As Beverly Cleary once said, “If you don’t see the book you want on the shelves, write it”.

What is important to me is if children will connect to these stories as they grow older. From an artistic standpoint, this is what I find most challenging when creating children’s stories.

My first three children’s books are now available on Amazon. To find out when I have a new book release, you can follow my twitter, instagram or youtube channel where I share and upload all of my children’s books.