Press Junket – The Twig and the Three-Legged Pig

Proof copies 2
First Proofs Ordered.

A talking twig. A three-legged pig. But what do they have in common?

With it’s tuneful text and eye-catching illustrations *full* of whimsy and magic, this fantasy story can’t fail to please audiences young and old.

When an endearing three-legged pig finds a talking twig sinking a puddle, he takes immediate action! He shows courage by taking the twig on an adventure. He shows kindness by asking the twig the right questions.

After all, the three-legged pig knows what it feels like to fall.

But how does a bird, a bunny and a bee fit into the story? And why does the three-legged pig look so down all the time?

With an underlying message of hope, courage and kindness and by touching on some deeper topics such as equality and inclusion, this story will undoubtedly appeal to a wide and varied audience.

To find out more about the Kickstarter project or to purchase a copy of the book, click here to be transported to the Kickstarter Page!

3 July 2017 Note: A new proof copy has been ordered with the swishy new cover art below!


New Proof ordered 3 July 2017
New Cover Art Design. New Proof ordered 3 July 2017.


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