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I am delighted to announce THE TWIG AND THE THREE-LEGGED PIG officially launches on Kickstarter on the 3rd July 2017!


It’s a 32 page full colour illustrated children’s book about a talking twig and a mysterious three-legged pig. The story is *full* of hope, courage and magic! It also briefly touches on some tougher issues such as equality and inclusion. As such, it’s a carefully tailored book where the full impact will vary depending on the age of the child reading the story.

After 4 years of revisions to both the writing and the illustrations, it has certainly been a project of love, passion and lots of hard work!

Is the book “too serious” for a children’s book?

On a surface level, children will understand that the story is ultimately about friendship. As children re-read the story, they will eventually understand that the story is about empathy and compassion. As such, it goes against the grain of most children stories and it is different to anything you will find on the bookshelves right now. Rather than focusing on humour, the story touches on a situation that children may find themselves involved in inside a playground or a preschool environment.

The book is told entirely in rhyme with a mix of magical and melancholic illustrations: magical to keep things fun and interesting and melancholic to keep things slightly more serious. It’s a story designed to delight with its tuneful text and colourful illustrations. The concepts are a bit more challenging to ensure re-reads are still interesting (for both children and adults alike) and for something new and different to be gained each time.

I believe children deserve only the best stories. Although the story is complex emotionally, it is designed foremost to entertain, comfort, inform and enlighten young minds.

What was the inspiration behind the story?

I imagined what it would be like for a character to have a super power or a disability. This idea grew into a fully-blossomed children’s book with a magical twig and a three-legged pig as the stars of the show and most of all – reminds kids that everyone is different and to not judge others unfairly.

Favourite children’s book authors include Roald Dahl, Maurice Sendak, Oliver Jeffers, Dr Seuss, Beattrix Potter and Julia Donaldson (among many others). The books that inspired me the most to get into children’s book writing was Oliver Jeffer’s “How to Catch a Star” and Julia Donaldson’s “The Gruffalo”.

Growing up, I’ve gravitated more towards the fantasy and sci-fi genres. I really enjoyed Ken Liu’s “The Paper Managerie” and Ted Chiang’s “The Story of Your Life”. I also cannot wait and am super excited for the upcoming movie and T.V. series based on Patrick Rothfuss’ “The Wise Man’s Fear”.

When will the book be available?

The project goes live as of 3rd July 2017. After the project is fully funded, I will order the books to be printed, shipped and signed so the “The Twig and the Three-Legged Pig” should be available to be shipped by early September 2017 (assuming no printing or shipping delays!).

After the project has ended and all Kickstarter backers have received their items, the book will be available to be purchased online in late-September/early-October in both soft cover & e-book format on my website and via

Tell me more about yourself!

After 7 years in the corporate world working as a Chartered Accountant, I’ve taken some time off to focus on publishing and marketing a set of children’s books, the first being, “The Twig and the Three-Legged Pig.”

I’d like to hold my hand up and admit I have a lot to work on. I spend everyday learning more and more about the illustration process in children’s books and am always striving to consume new content in order to grow as both a writer and an illustrator. This is something I am working on and part of the reason why “The Twig and the Three-Legged Pig” has taken so long to be published. Because the story is emotionally complex, it has taken extra time to figure out how to make it work in the illustrations.

If you’d like to learn more, please visit the About Me section.

Will there be an author meet-up?

As I am based in Sydney, Australia, I will try and organise an author meet-and-greet/signing at a park within the Sydney CBD later this year if we meet our kickstarter goal (and if there is enough demand of course — one can dream!)

Is there a book trailer?

It should be up in the “trailer” link on the website when the Kickstarter project launches!

Do you have any social media?

I have a facebook page, a very new Instagram account, a tumblr account (for bonus illustrations) and a twitter account!

Tell me more!

The Twig and the Three-Legged Pig is now available on Amazon.


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