Proof Copies and Reviews

Christmas Time!

After a bit of a delay in shipping (and a bit of back and forth between Amazon), I am proud to announce my first proof copies have finally arrived!

A few draft copies came in the big brown box below.

Proof Copies1

After the initial excitement wore over, I decided I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the overall design and colours of the front and back covers of the book.  So I spent all day reading, proofing, checking for alignment issues, spelling errors, margin errors and comparing books between books and reviewing all the colours between the proofs…. and then I fixed everything again on Photoshop and InDesign!

Proof copies 2

Upon further review in the sun and a second proof order, I noticed some of the alignment were fixed and paragraph spacing sorted but I still felt like the front cover needed more work and the back illustration needed to be larger and centred.

A few weeks later, and after some more thought on the issue, I have decided to add a splash of colour the front cover of THE TWIG AND THE THREE-LEGGED PIG. Also, I felt like some more tweaks and edits to pages were needed for added dramatic flair. Since this book also has a fair amount of emotional complexity, and due to the constraints of a children’s book, it’s taking a lot longer than expected to finalise. Fingers crossed, it should hopefully be finalised soon!

3 July 2017 Update: Final edits to the cover art completed and new proofs to arrive in mid-July 2017.

Now, it’s onto finalising the final touches on the Kickstarter video and project page! Green lights ahead!

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