Inspiration: The Twig and The Three-Legged Pig

Flying Pig

It’s complete! I’ve finished writing my children’s picture book, THE TWIG AND THE THREE-LEGGED PIG! It took me roughly three years of revisions, editing and constant feedback to get the book to where I wanted it to be.

Having grown up watching cartoons such as WINNIE THE POOH and ORSON AND OLIVIA, I drew inspiration from the donkey, Eeyore, an eternal pessimist, and wrote the story from the point of view of a Three-Legged Pig. Naturally, the story ended up in a place where I could not get it to work. I scrapped the idea and started again from scratch. This time, the story was being told from the perspective of a talking twig and I’m proud to say it ended up a much stronger story as a result.

My book is a celebration of friendship between two unlikely heroes: A shy, awkward and pessimistic Three-Legged Pig who stumbles upon a seemingly ordinary twig (who may or may not be magical!) in a world occupied by a not-so-friendly bird, bunny and bee.

Now it’s time to prepare for my Kickstarter, finish my website and get all of my social media stuff up and running!

Right now, I kind of feel like that little exploding yellow balloon. I’m at a place where I’m EXCITED but it’s also a little bit overwhelming! I’m rushing to kick my next goal to make my upcoming projects a reality!


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    Hi Rob. I like your premise and your colorful illustrations. Best of luck on your blog and your book.

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    Thanks for the kind words Nicki. Trying my best!

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